Timbangan Truck Portable WWSD-RF (Wireless System)

Portable Truck Scales WWSD-RF

Diniargeo Wheel Load Scales model Wireless platforms designed for creating static wheel and axle weighing stations, avoiding the hassle of connecting cables between the platforms and the indicator. Ideal for weighing large sized vehicles fitted with twinned wheels (articulated lorries, tractor-trailers, building yard vehicles, etc.).


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  • Platform dimensions: 950x611mm.
  • Height 59mm.
  • Weight approximately 46kg.
  • Loading surface: 950x500mm.
  • Load capacity up to 20.000kg
  • Sturdy structure, made in special aluminium, which guarantees lightness and makes these platforms suiable also for harsh working conditions.
  • IP68 protection degree.
  • Built-in weight indicator, protected thanks to an IP68 hermetic box.
  • Built-in radio module for weight transmission to a remote indicator or external device.
  • Wheels for transporting the platform.
  • Stainless steel IP68 load cells.
  • Power supply: internal rechargeable battery (about 40 h battery life), kept in hermetic box, and charger included.
  • Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the platform, for good grip on all types of surfaces.
  • The WWS platforms are patented; the number is 1.342.302.
  • Available also in CE-M 3000e approved version.

Four Platform Connection With WiFi

Optional Available at Time of Order

  • DFWKRPRF: Wireless weight indicator in Rack version for WWS RF wireless platforms. Fitted with transport suitcase, 17-key keypad, LCD backlit display, time/date, thermal printer, 868MHz radio frequency module and dedicated program.
  • 3590EKR08P: Weight indicator in the "AF08" version for wheel weighing systems or axle weighing systems, with printer, transport case, 25-key keypad, LED display and backlit graphic LCD display.
  • EHR: High resolution model for internal factory use.
  • RFITR: Integrated 868 MHz radio frequency module on the indicator, complete of RS232 port. Max. functioning distance in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. Up to 50 configurable channels.
  • WWSDLM: Levelling module for axle weighing with WWSD series' platforms, surface 1200x700mm, h=52mm, weight of about 28 kg, fitted with junction and fixing kit.
  • WWSDLMR: Wooden on/off ramp with a metal protective coating, 700x760mm dimensions, for WWSD platforms.

Aksesoris dan Opsional

Standar Aksesoris :

  • Wireless System Module
  • Indicator Portable Display termasuk Baterai
  • Pinter dan Kertas Printer
  • CD Manual Book dan Manual Indonesia

Opsional Tambahan :

  • High resolution model for internal factory use.
  • Radio frequency module to be combined to the 3590EKR indicator.
  • Levelling module for axle weighing.
  • On/off ramp.

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