Leveling Module Scales (Dummy Pad)

Leveling Module Scales

Carriageable levelling modules for WWSE, WWSD, and WWSF series' platforms. Suitable for creating mobile or fixed axle weighing stations, and for dynamic weighing applications. These considerably improve the weighing results.


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  • Single module dimensions in mm (lxwxh):
  • WWSELM and WWSDLM models 1200x700x52mm, weight about 28kg;
  • WWSFLM model 1200x900x71mm, weight about 40kg.
  • Maximum capacity of the single module: up to 10t.
  • Sturdy wooden structure, with a metal protective coating.
  • Mini aluminium ramps for easing the rising/descending of the vehicle.
  • Special vulcanised antislip rubber for maximum grip on all types of surfaces.
  • Fitted with kit for joining the modules and fixing these to the pavement.
  • Usable both for static as well as dynamic applications.

WWS Platform Ram

WWS Platform RamsOn/off ramp for WWSCR, WWSER, WWSDR platforms


Technical Features:
- Ideal to facilitate the boarding and the alighting even for small wheels.
- Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the platform, for good grip on all types of surfaces.
- Sturdy structure, made ​​of special aluminum.
- Fitted with installation kit.
- Easily transportable, foldable on the platform.


.WWS Platform Rams

WWS Platform Rams


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