Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan (Headlight Tester Aldebaran)


Headlight Tester AldebaranElectronic headlight beam setter with several optionals available: digital luxmeter, based on wheels or rail, mirror or laser visor and laser pointing system, printer on board.


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  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable precision mirror monitor with bubble level
  • Vertically adjustable up to max. headlight level of 1660 mm
  • Column made of structural painted sheet metal
  • Headlights to be tested: conventional headlight, H4 headlight, Xenon headlight, fog light
  • Luminosity: dipped beam headlights up to 150 kLux max.; main beam headlights up to 240 kLux max.
  • Luxmeter with three scales
  • Mirror or laser visor and laser pointing system
  • Serial interface RS 232
  • Interface set for connection to PC controlled test lane
  • Sliding mechanism granted by precion self-lubricated Nylon skates
  • Adjustment via plane mirror with reference lines
  • Electric ECT panel with digital lux meter