Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan (Headlight Tester Draco)


Headlight Tester DracoMechanical headlight beam setter with several options available: graduated analogic or digital luxmeter, based on wheels, mirror or laser visor and laser pointing system.


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  • Mechanical unit with graduated analogic luxmeter optical visor (Art.2066)


Standard equipped with:
  • Optical visor
  • Analog graduated luxmeter
  • Lens of polycarbonate resin
  • Sliding mechanism granted by precision self- lubrificated Nylon skates
  • Incination setting


Specification Technical Data:

  • DRACO model has a 1400 mm column
  • Dimension Include Packing 172x62xh31 cm
  • Dimension Include Packing 67x70xh76 cm



  • Digital Lux Meter ( Art. 2000 D)
  • Laser visor red line (LL)
  • Laser visor green line (LLV)
  • Laser pointing red line (L1)
  • Laser visor red line + laser visor green line (L2)
  • Laser visor green line + laser visor green line (L2V)
  • RS232 PC-connection - electronic version (I)