Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan (Headlight Tester Gemini Plus)


Headlight Tester Gemini PlusElectronic headlight beam tester complete with camera and touchscreen monitor 8” on board. Equipped with laser visor and laser pointing system for an easy positioning in front of the car and easy centring of the lens. Easy to understand and to follow, the software can work and recognise any kind of light beams (xenon, bixenon, PES, HNS, etc.).
2997: external power supply version, RS232 serial port.
2998: with rechargeable batteries on board (10 hours working time) and bluetooth module.

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  • Picture 1: Opening main menu the operator can easily choose the proper test to be performed.
  • Picture 2: The operator can type the identification data of the vehicle under test.
  • Picture 3: Official test. When right inclination percentage is established and typed, official test can start on the four vehicle headlight beams (low/upper beam right/left). A video image is displayed with a car icon; step by step operator is followed up by the software and directed to the next operation. The first read immediately shows which is the inclination difference from the official one and operator could modify headlight beam till OK lights in green
  • Picture 4: Workshop identification data can be recorded in the proper software flag, therefore entitled papers/documents can be printed out.
  • Picture 5: Unofficial test. Camera on board reads the light and the software elaborates the image achieved and reflects it on a virtual panel, immediately reading real headlight inclination. Spectrum vision allows also to check each area light intensity, assuring the possibility to check from the frame if any damages on the light housing occur.
  • Picture 6: Final printable result shows all test official data.


Standard equipped with:
  • Digital luxmeter
  • Laser Visor
  • Mirror Visor