Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan (Headlight Tester Moon)


Headlight Tester MoonElectronic headlight tester equipped with camera for a complete analysis of lights of any kind and any vehicle, interface by means of LCD monitor, colour diagram precisely and easily driving the operator during tests’ performances by means of few touches on the touch screen.


The software has been studied in order to satisfy any requirement: 5 base languages plus 3 additional ones at disposal, units’choice, limits and tolerances’setting to satisfy every single market, implementation by specific communication protocols (ex. MCTCNET2,GIEGNET, GIEGLAN ecc) with possibility of RS232, ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth connections, easy software update by USB key. The ergonomic frame is made of a basement, made of cast aluminium, that allows to precisely test also motorcycles with very protruding front wheels. The large column grants great stability and precision, inside that, a counterweight balances the optical box therefore sweetly sliding.


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The optical box is made of thermoplastic material for the first time, it is equipped with a wide glass lens, a 5.7”touch screen monitor that can be placed for a front reading or turned for a rear reading and possibility of printer on board. The alignment system of this new unit is complete with laser pointer directly driven by the software, settled to switch it on when required, and with a new aluminium mirror visor making alignment easier.


Structure Features & Improvement

  • The aluminum column is equipped with an ergonomic knob; operator could move the optical box setting rightheight simply releasing the knob
  • The wide sized optical box is equipped with a 230 mm pure glass lens; thermoformed cover and a wide display complete with icons is guiding the operator through all operations
  • Structure specifications enable a deviation check on light mechanical position of 1cm/10 meters
  • Optical box has both RS232Port and USB Port
  • The steel molded base covered by a thermoformat is equipped with a 3 adjustable in height wheels to obtain a perfect floor leveling


CAMERA Software Features & Improvement

  • Available Reading: halogen, xenon, led, low beam, high beam, fog beam;
  • Beam Pattern: European left/right hand driving UK / USA / JAPAN;
  • Available Languages: 5 always included 3 additional if requested
  • Communication protocol: existing Net1, Net2, Giegnet, GiegLan - To be implemented at market request;
  • Software update : RS232 Port
  • Connectivity: RS232, WiFi, Bluetooth


Standard equipment delivery :

  • Touch screen display 5,7" + Huge colour display
  • Mirror Visor
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Vertical sliding system
  • Control keyboard
  • Inclination set-up
  • Laser Visor (OPTIONAL)
  • 10/12 diodes internal checking panel
  • Seting to Work: Operator can set parameters on beam types and choose
    typology. Available languages: IT, ENG, DEU, FRA, SPA. Software guides operator through the proper actions to be done for adjusting
  • Cross Icon: showing actual position of the beam
  • Car Icon: showing which is the beam under control