Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan (Headlight Tester Polar)


Headlight Tester PolarProlux of Mechanical headlight beam setter, analogic graduated luxmeter (or digital: code 2400 UK R D*), H base with double rail and turning column. UK MOT certified version.


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Standard equipped with:
  • Mirror visor
  • Analogic graduated luxmeter
  • Sliding mechanism granted by precion self-lubricated Nylon skates
  • Inclination setting


Specification Technical Data:

  • Digital Luxmeter (Code 2400 UK R D)
  • POLAR model has a 1660 mm column
  • Dimension Include Packing 172x63xh33 cm
  • Dimension Include Packing 67x70xh76 cm



  • Laser Pointing System
  • Software Headlight Tester