Headlight Tester Gamma

Mechanical headlight beam setter, complete with digital luxmeter, mirror visor, ABS plastic covered base, RS232 available [ Selengkapnya ]

Headlight Tester Gemini

Electronic headlight beam setter equipped with micro-camera on board, USB PC connection, mirror or laser visor, [ Selengkapnya ]

Headlight Tester Gemini Plus

Electronic headlight beam tester complete with camera and touchscreen monitor 8” on board. Equipped with laser visor [ Selengkapnya ]

Headlight Tester Hydra

Electronic headlight beam setter, equipped with PC connection RS232, mirror visor or laser visor, laser pointing system [ Selengkapnya ]

Headlight Tester Orion

Mechanical headlight beam setter complete with optical visor, triangle base, analogic graduated luxmeter, fixed measuring panel [ Selengkapnya ]

Headlight Tester Pegaso

Electronic headlight beam setter with several options on wheels or rail, mirror or laser visor laser pointing, printer on board. [ Selengkapnya ]
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AUTORIZED DEALERSHIP Surat Kerjasama (Letter of Agreement) dari Pabrikan Tecnolux & Tecnoil S.l.r dengan CV SAE MITRA SEJATI di Indonesia sebagai Distributor Tunggal. Untuk Penjualan, Pemasangan dan Perbaikan Alat Uji Lampu, Prolux Model
CE CERTIFICATE Certificate EN S 50081-1 Electromagnetic compatibility Directive 2004/108/CE and the following modifications;
European Directive 2006/42/CE type A and the Low voltage Directive 2006/95/CE;
Directive RoHS 2002/95/CE;
Norms ISO 10604

TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE We have Certificate Technician from manufacture Tecnolux & Tecnoil from Italy Country.

Tecnolux in Video

Technolux About

SAE MITRA SEJATI distributor of Tecnolux & Tecnoil has been developing a continuos experience in automotive equipment, orienting efforts and investments in market request satisfaction, concentrating attention on market several changes and developments. Company structure keeps on growing together with production capacity:.
moved to a bigger building to optimise production process, the company is now-a-days equipped with highest technology equipment to achieve a top quality products. During the last five years, we quitted a small production view to open towards an industrial production organisation, increasing quality level and production capacity.